Background of Pharmacovigilance Fellowship

The WHO-CC, in partnership with the African Collaborating Centre for Pharmacovigilance (ACC), piloted and implemented the well patronized twice-a-year Pharmacovigilance Fellowship. The PV Fellowship is designed to provide hands-on training in pharmacovigilance to new, existing and established pharmacovigilance practitioners. It has been offered at least twice year in Accra Ghana since 2013. The number of PV Fellowship programmes offered annually will increase in response to demand and subject to the availability of funds from either participants or donor agencies. Whilst there are several applicants for each Fellowship, the funds available for scholarships are rather limited leading to over 90% of applicants being turned down unless they can find their own funds to take part in the Fellowship. The WHO-CC will welcome unrestricted grants from donor agencies to support the training and development of more pharmacovigilance professionals in Africa through the PV Fellowship.

Since 2013, 95 participants from 21 African countries have successfully taken part in the Pharmacovigilance Fellowship and Data Management Training at the WHO-CC, Accra.

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