Our origin

In October 2009, WHO designated the University of Ghana Medical School as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Advocacy and Training in pharmacovigilance, under the directorship of Prof Alex Dodoo. The centre has since been active in a number of areas in and outside Ghana advocating and training personnel in Pharmacovigilance and providing technical support to assist countries and institutions in improving their pharmacovigilance systems.

WHO-CC Accra Terms of Reference

WHO-CC Accra

The centre is situated in Accra, the capital of Ghana where all daily and official duties take place.

WHO Collaborating Centres

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centres are institutions designated by the Director–General of the WHO to contribute and support WHO in its programs and activities within member-states. The centres are also mandated to contribute to strengthening country resources by way of providing information, research and training in line with WHO goals. The centres share the ultimate goal of WHO in achieving health for all. This creates the avenue for the identified institutions to work together sharing ideas, resources and technical services.

Mission and Focus
  1. Pharmacovigilance and patients safety
  2. Communication and crises management especially in relation to medicinal products
  3. Setting up of Pharmacovigilance systems
Our Strategies
  1. Training in pharmacovigilance in African countries for building and strengthening of spontaneous adverse drug reaction reporting systems
  2. Advocacy for pharmacovigilance across Africa either alone or in collaboration with WHO
  3. Promoting the integration of pharmacovigilance into public health programmes
  4. Technical support to national pharmacovigilance centres
  5. Support in communication and crisis management to national pharmacovigilance centres
  6. Acquisition (from WHO, UMC) and distribution of needed literature and technical tools to national pharmacovigilance centres and governments
  7. Research in pharmacovigilance including cohort event monitoring of specified medicines
  8. Assistance in the development and maintenance of pregnancy registers